May 12

Jerome Powell has a plumbing problem in Jackson Hole

Reports say the water was just spewing everywhere... Plumbers apparently whispered, "You gotta be shi**ing me."

Powell's plumbing problems are estimated to date back to 2005 even before the 2007-8 banking crisis.

What we know is the following: 

* The main broke in or around 10 AM Pacific Standard Time

* It apparently flooded all of Jerome Powell's comic books

Diagram of Powell's plumbing.

We spoke to a Jackson Hole resident Crandell Carlson, and this is what Mr. Carlson told The Beige Book about Jerome Powell's plumbing situation:

"Plumbing in Jackson Hole is hard to come by according to Crandell Carlson a Jackson Hole native. Specifically a "double vanity" that goes directly to a pump. Crandell said this may be almost "impossible."  - Crandell Carlson

The cause is still unknown at this time, what we can tell you is there are several (we've counted 4) Roto-Rooters being deployed into Jerome Powell's Jackson Hole property as we speak. One of the technicians has told The Beige Book this is in hopes to save the comic books.

More to come as we get more information here at the Beige Book.

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