May 12

Mad Money in Mountain View

Oh yeah, there's mad money in Mountain View, and you don't need Jim Cramer to tell you.

You're on Zillow, find anything less than a million in Mountain View?

As a Mountain View resident - I hate noise. I can even hear my neighbor typing on his older 2019 MacBook with that stupid finger-swiper thing. What are you coding in? Scala? My wife leisurely plugs in our Tesla Plaid every morning while our Keurig goes critical deploying cinnamon cafe latte something, I can't remember.

Here's a quote from my wife. She said this on May 9th, 2023:

"Is our Keurig working correctly? If not can we get an Amazon Prime overnight of a new one. I want a blue one. I want to slam it down on the pod and click "deploy" or "pulsate" depending on what model we get, and enjoy my subpar cup of coffee in our $8,000,000 house." - My Wife.

Our house

Luckily for you, I'm going to be showing you some artist renderings of my house in Mountain View, CA. Oh yeah, that's right YOU get to see it! 

Yeah this is mine! 

Huge windows so you can see at all times what we're doing with that Keurig, if you're lucky you may see some cinnamon Keurig action. That is, if we get our overnight delivery by May 11th, 2023.Just for your pleasure here's one more photo:

Oh yeah baby, here's another shot.

In conclusion

Here are some key takeaways:

* Keurig en route (Red one via Amazon)

* I live in Mountain View, California with my wife

* I have a McLaren that has a license plate that says "1 PCNT" 

* I don't code in Scala