Chaos on Sand Hill Road

Upcoming chaos is seen on Sand Hill Rd. Sequoia, Greylock Partners are all ready to duke it out at Sand Hill Road Fight Night 2023.

Sand Hill Road: Fight Night 2023

The venture capitals have taken their gloves off. Sequoia and Greylock are hosting a Fight Night. Currently the lineup is as follows:

* Kevin Rose vs Reid Hoffman

* Jack Dorsey vs Mark Zuckerberg

* Kevin Systrom vs Evan Spiegel

The ring is currently being built.

We took a drive down to Los Altos via invitation from Reid Hoffman and took a look at the ring being built by Hathaway Dinwiddie. The boxing ring is supposed to be deployed in late June, with some patches being pushed in late May.

With that said there were some serious heated words between Kevin Rose and Reid Hoffman. Reid Hoffman brought up that he bought Revision3 with spare change. Kevin Rose came back and told him why isn't he on weight watchers and is this fight was even fair given the weight class.

Kevin Rose says he's excited to kick Reid Hoffman's ass after what he did to Revision3. On the contrary, Reid Hoffman says he'll beat the **** out of Rose with nothing on but a Cowboy hat and Uggs.

Los Altos Police Department is on full awareness for this event, but Kevin Systrom founder of Instagram says he'll make sure to take a lot of photos with "mad exclusive filters" that people don't have access to but only him.